By the name of Jenner van Rens ( a partnership ) Ad Jenner designed and produced jewellery and industrial products from 1983 untill 1987. All these designs leaned heavily on his development as a plastic artist. From 1987 on he emphasized his free work more and more. A series of exhibitions followed in Germany, with, as a highlight, a co-exhibition in 1992 in Bielefeld with the sculptor Marino Marini.
Feeling and reason, belly and head are always interwoven in his work. His quest for essence is expressed by the materials he chooses for his free work: stone and bronze. Obstinate materials with limited possibilities force him to focus on the subject. In this way he constantly looks for the limits of what he can achieve and confines his work to single copies and small quantities.
Ad Jenner
Sculptor / Goldsmith / Musician
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